Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

Please note: Prices displayed on items, when out of stock can change or vary with arrival of new batches. 


Great Vigor - 5 Star Wheels 2pc

MV37011GA (Normal Price R299)

Sales price: R50,00
Sales price: R205,00

Pro Line - Mambo 40 Mag Wheels

PI267001 (Normal Price R299)

Sales price: R150,00
Sales price: R450,00

Super 4.8v & 6v Battery Checker

CY607 (Normal Price R190)

Sales price: R120,00

Expert - V-300 Voltmeter

EXRA502 (Normal Price R299)

Sales price: R220,00

Evo 120NX Piston Ring

EVO120236 (Normal Price R193)

Sales price: R99,00

Evo 36 Carb Retainer Screw

EVO036129 (Normal Price R48)

Sales price: R25,00

Evo 120NX Piston

EVO120214R (Normal Price R493)

Sales price: R199,00

Evo NX100 Piston and Sleeve Kit

EVO110203 (Normal Price R960)

Sales price: R299,00

Evo E46 Piston and Sleeve Kit

EVO100203 (Normal Price R607)

Sales price: R299,00

Evo Connecting Rod (Dual Bush)

EVO120204 (Normal Price R395)

Sales price: R170,00

Evo 120NX Piston Pin and Retainer

EVO120213 (Normal Price R49)

Sales price: R28,00

Evo Piston Sleeve

EVO120202R (Normal Price R493)

Sales price: R199,00
Sales price: R65,00

Hirobo - Flybar Paddles

HI402208 (Normal Price R240)

Sales price: R80,00
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