Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

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Blade - Nano QX Drone RTF

BLH7600 (Normal Price R1830)

Sales price: R1199,00

Blade - Zeyrok Drone RTF with SAFE Technology

BLH7300T1 (Normal Price R2697)

Sales price: R1999,00
Sales price: R2499,00

Blade - Torrent 110 FPV BNF Basic

BLH04050 (Normal Price R3947)

Sales price: R2875,00

RC113 Wifi Folding Pocket Drone

HTRC113WGH (Normal Price R999)

Sales price: R749,00

JJRC H77 Ground/Flying Motorcycle

JJRCH77 (Normal Price R599)

Sales price: R470,00

RC Leading RC141 Pioneer Folding Drone

HTRC141WO (Normal Price R1799)

Sales price: R1399,00