Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

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Extra 330SC BP 3D Plane ARF

EFL2610(Normal Price R1999)

Sales price: R1599,00

Ikarus Cessna 152 Shockflyer

I2011014(Normal Price R699)

Sales price: R499,00

E-Flite Viking Model 12 280 BNF Basic

EFL6650 (Normal Price R3271)

Sales price: R2999,00

Techone Rainbow Park Flyer ARF

TO110(Normal Price R2299)

Sales price: R1500,00

Free Air P51D Mustang Kit 710mm Wingspan

SHFADR(Normal Price R795)

Sales price: R699,00

Free Air Spitfire Kit ARF 725mm Wingspan

SAFASF(Normal Price R795)

Sales price: R699,00
Sales price: R780,00